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Professor Maciej Widawski is a leading Polish sociolinguist and lexicographer specializing in language variation and its description, and a pioneer of studies in slang and its translation. Formerly in the diplomatic service (a graduate of The Diplomatic Academy in Vienna), for the past twenty years he has been teaching at the Institute of English, University of Gdansk, where he conducts seminars and lectures on sociolinguistics, lexicography, and popular culture; he also serves as a supervisor and reviewer of M.A., Ph.D., and D.Litt. theses. He is the founder and director of the UG Department of Sociolinguistics and Lexicography, and was also a deputy director of the English Institute for several years. Dr. Widawski was trained in lexicography at the University of Exeter (UK) and developed his skills via an extensive lexicographic practice. A leading Polish authority on slang, he has been studying slang since the beginning of 1990s, collecting data through extensive fieldwork and conducting research at such academic centers as Columbia University, New York University, The University of Mississippi The University of Tennessee, and The Library of Congress (USA). He received a Fulbright Advanced Research Grant, a United States Information Agency Scholarship, a British Council Study Grant, and a Polish Science Foundation Scholarship. Dr. Widawski has authored twelve books including The Polish-English Dictionary of Slang and Colloquialism (New York: Hippocrene Books), Slang UG (University of Gdansk Press), and The Dictionary of City Names in American Slang (Frankfurt: Peter Lang).



Introduction to World Englishes. In preparation

African American Slang: A Linguistic Description. In preparation

• 2011.The Dictionary of City Names in American Slang. Frankfurt: Peter Lang

• 2010. Slang UG: Słownik slangu studentów UG. Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo UG

• 2009. Kontrastywny słownik amerykanizmów i brytycyzmów. Kraków: Tertium

• 2004. Słownik angielszczyzny amerykańskiej. Warszawa: Galeria Polskiej Książki

• 2004. Słownik angielszczyzny brytyjskiej. Warszawa: Galeria Polskiej Książki

• 2003. Anatomy of American Slang: Investigations Based on Citational Evidence. Warszawa: Elibris

• 1998. Polish Slang Dictionary [Electronic Version]. Gdańsk: University of Gdańsk Computer Center

• 1997. The Polish-English Dictionary of Slang and Colloquialism. New York: Hippocrene Books

• 1997. Nowy słownik slangu i potocznej angielszczyzny. Gdańsk: L & L

• 1994. The F*ctionary. Słownik wyrażeń z f*ck. Gdańsk: Comprendo

• 1994. A Handbook of American English Pronunciation. Gdańsk: Gdańsk University Press

• 1992. Słownik slangu i potocznej angielszczyzny. Gdańsk: Slang Books


Selected Papers:

• 2011. Figuration in Chinese Slang. Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences

• 2010. Changeability of Slang Vocabulary. Kw. Neofilologiczny. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences

• 2009. Lexical Abbreviations in American English. Beyond Philology. Gdańsk: University of Gdańsk Press

• 2008. Using Slang in English and Polish. Kw. Neofilologiczny. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences

• 2008. On Universality of Slang Usage. Studies in American Language and Culture. Kraków: Tertium

• 2005. Investigating the Canadian Eh. De Lingua Et Litteris. Gdańsk: University of Gdańsk Press

• 2004. Zapożyczenia z jidysz w slangu amerykańskim. Język a komunikacja. Kraków: Tertium

• 2001. Digging the Lingo of European Teens. American Speech. Durham: Duke University Press


Dr Michał Golubiewski is an expert in the field of sociolinguistics and lexicography specializing in professional terminology, language contact, and Iberoamerican English. He grew up in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), and is fluent in Portugese and Spanish. He is an assistant professor in the UG Department of Sociolinguistics and Lexicography, where he teaches courses in sociolinguistics, lexicography, and general linguistics.; he also serves as a superviser and reviewer of B.A. and M.A. theses. A renowned specialist in Military and Naval English, he has conducted research in the Defense Language Institute in San Antonio (USA) and the Naval University in Gdynia (Poland). He is the recipient of US Department of State Scholarship and Polish Ministry of Defense Scholarship. He is the author of a doctoral dissertation Sociolinguistic Aspects of Military English, distinguished by the UG Faculty of Languages Council, as well as a bilingual The English-Polish Dictionary of Military Terminology (Angielsko-polskiego słownika terminologii wojskowej), forthcoming.



Ibero-American English. In preparation

Sociolinguistic Aspects of Military English. In preparation

• Angielszczyzna wojskowa. In preparation


Selected Papers:

Emprestimos da Giria Americana na Giria Brasileira. Forthcoming

Airspeak in View of a Sociolinguistic Analysis. Forthcoming

• 2009. Age and Hierarchy in Military English. Beyond Philology. Gdańsk: University of Gdańsk Press

• 2009. Motivations for Using Slang in Military English. PASE Papers. Wrocław: University of Wrocław Press

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